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Sep 11, 2014

Culture Night 2014

 Last year the Cube worked on the door project with signal arts, this year the Cube have distributed 20 suns to local community groups to decorate  which will be displayed at signal arts culture night.

Sep 9, 2014

Memo to SHS Employees

An employee survey is being carried out in the Health Service this autumn to find out employee’s views and opinions about working in the health services.

The confidential survey is being carried out determine employee’s attitudes to their employers, work practices, culture and communications across the health services. The results of the survey will be used to improve the working lives of staff, leading to better care for patients.

Independent research company, Ipsos MRBI, will be using a detailed questionnaire to discover employee attitudes to work, relationships with colleagues, peers and managers. All responses to the survey are provided to Ipsos MRBI on a confidential basis.

The survey questions are under headings including culture and values, communications, training and development, health, safety and environment, equality and diversity, work life balance, staff engagement and leadership. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The findings of the survey will be used to help improve working conditions and practices for employees, to assess health service performance and develop workplace policies.

The Health Services Employee Survey ‘Have Your Say’ 2014 will be available to all staff from across the health services shortly.

Further details will follow as to how you can access this and “Have your Say”

With Kind Regards,
The HR Team,
Sunbeam House Services.

Sep 2, 2014


Just a little reminder of the icebucket fun last week.

Sep 1, 2014

Speaking Through Art - Exhibition

Speaking Through Art
A group show of 10 artists
In The Arklow Gallery
1-12th of September 2014
Opening Night Thursday 4th of September

Five pairs of artists have created work together or in response to each other’s work creating a visual conversation

     Brian Manning Faulty Towers      Barry Mooney Lighthouse

·        Brian Manning & Barry Mooney:  painting on a shared theme– landscape
·        Christien van Bussel & Nicola Riley: Ceramics created by Christien and decorated by Nicola
·        Denis Dunne & Raymond Carroll: Collaborated to take photos of shared theme– the moon
·        Fiona O’Hara & Conall Carney: mixed media in response to Conall’s painting

·        Sylvia Nannig & Maureen Cullen: Ceramics in response to Maureen’s work

Aug 1, 2014

Clocks on Tour

The beautifully made clocks which were previously exhibited in The Arklow Gallery from June 9th to 27th are representing SHS talent in the Tinahely show on August 4th. 

The 60 individual timepieces made by service users across Bray and Arklow will be in the Tinahely crafts tent. The clocks will be competing in the crafts competition but there will also be entries for painting, ceramics and felt making. 

Brendan Lehane the woodwork instructor in Ballyraine training centre takes on the mammoth task of getting all the entries sorted and the work into the Tinahely show every year ; this year over 70 works will be entered! Thank you Brendan!!

Thank You Elavon

Elavon (a financial services company based in Arklow) flexed their muscles and their community spirit yet again this year for volunteer week.

They built a fabulous wooden pagoda at the entrance to their previously designed sensory garden. This area of BRI grounds was desolate when they began taking it in hand in 2011 and is now thriving with bees and activity. The new Pagoda adds a shady spot to take in the birdsong, hum and beauty of the garden and it frames the entrance to the garden beautifully.

The local Men’s Shed group are now cultivating allotments in the neighbouring orchard site. Their veg and edibles will benefit from the sensory gardens pollinating bees.

The continuing energy and hard labour given every year by Elavon has literally blossomed and grown!

A huge Thank you to the Elavon Team for their energy and commitment.


Conall Carney has his first solo exhibition in the Arklow Gallery in July. Conall’s opening night was on Friday the 4th of July and what a night…a full house! 

A gallery filled with admiration, warmth and pride at Conall’s talent and individualism. In fact Conall’s beautiful abstract paintings were so loved that they were nearly all sold! 

Conall works in the Glenvale art room where he paints his creations independently two days a week. It was a joy for me to be there and share Conall’s fluent visual language that so well expresses his vibrant personality and to celebrate his talent.

Throwing pots in The Hub!

The potters in The Hub have been taking advantage of the sunny weather and have been learning to use the pottery wheel outside. 

Sylvia Nannig has been volunteering on Fridays in the Hub since January and it has been fantastic to have her working with us. Sylvia has a huge amount of experience working in this area and has been very generous with her time, knowledge and energy. 

Sylvia began with workshops where we built bowls and wall pieces which will soon be hanging on the freshly painted exterior walls of the Hub. Over the last few weeks we have been learning to use the wheel to ‘throw’ pots (make them not break them!). 

It has been really interactive with nearly everybody having a go at the wheel and enjoying how relaxing it is.

Remembrance Day Bray

Jul 29, 2014

Team Clifford

There is a donate button on the homepage of www.sunbeam.ie if you wish to donate to Joe and Ciarans humongous effort of running a marathon together. Please pass it on to people outside of SHS. All proceeds go to Sunbeam.

Some words from Joe:....
We have completed the first of 4 races in the run up to the marathon, 1st race being the Fingal 10k which we done in 1 hour.

Also we are on week 14 of our training program so running with Ciaran's double 'Bod the Bag' who is 41kgs which is slightly over half Ciaran's body weight.

So far race preperation are good and the support runners Brian Thighe and Stuart Crinnion (2 seasoned marathon runners) have been great help and a wealth of knowledge in terms of race prep. 

Our social media expert is Emma Finucane who is writing our progress. 

Our wheelchair designer is Johnny Hayden who is himself wheelchair bound and an extreme athlete in his day. 

Our technical adviser is Martin Coady also wheelchair bound and helping with the technical elements of the chair and has himself been pushed for tri-athlons and knows only too well the difficulties that we may face on the day with the chair.

Together we are Team Clifford :) I bet you thought i was going to say something cheesie like the 'A' Team :)

Joe Clifford

Jul 18, 2014

Pics from the Fashion Show

Fashion with a passion hit the catwalk on Friday the 11th of July in S.H.S. and what a success over 71 service users strutted down the catwalk which was supplied by Alan Roe managing director of M.P.M. promotions. 

We will be taking the show on the road to Ballyraine in Arklow on Tuesday the 26th of August show will start at 12:30 all welcome free of charge. We will also be showcasing it later on in the year for the public we will keep you posted.

Jul 16, 2014

Fashion Show


Some clips from the fashion show courtesy of Mary Dunphy.

Jul 15, 2014

Bray Wanderers Beat Manchester Utd

Yes, that's right!
You heard it here first. 
That's my prediction for the upcoming spectacular match taking place in Bray in 5 days time.
Now, if they were playing Liverpool it would be a different story, nevertheless this is one match not to miss.

Jun 24, 2014

Circles by Conall Carney

We are delighted to invite you to join us to celebrate with
Conall Carney
On the event of his first solo exhibition “Circles”
on Friday the 4th of July from 6-8pm
in The Arklow Gallery
The show will run from the 1st to the 11th of July 2014
All most Welcome!
“Circles” is Conall Carney’s first solo show of his remarkable paintings in his native Co.Wicklow. This body of work was mainly painted this year with one or two paintings from previous years capturing the evolution of his use of the circle as a symbol in his painting.

Conall is a prolific young talent who paints vibrant abstract paintings that speak for themselves. His wonderful sense of colour is full of emotion and expression. Standing before his work you become captured in his bold brush strokes and the flow and movement of these beautiful paintings.

Jun 13, 2014

Video - 20 month old baby rock-climbing

Following on from a Facebook post recently where we discussed with a parent the pushing of boundaries for people with disabilities, teaching people how to do things instead of doing everything for a person.

The Big Games in Limerick

Some absolutely crazy good photos from Sunbeamers in Limerick!

Well done to all the service-users and staff involved. Have a great and fun weekend.

Talking Shop Ensemble

A really interesting play is coming to the Mermaid on the 23th of August. Here are the details;

"This insightful, thoughtful and provocative piece of theatre is a must see. Created by the young artists Shaun Dunne, Aisling Byrne and Lisa Walsh, of Talking Shop Ensemble it is inspired by the inner workings of a disability service – the people who work there – and the conflicts of choice that are part of their daily lives. This will be a totally engaging evening where the company get us as an audience to think about the importance of speaking up and of having our own opinions heard. They will show us the complexity of life alongside the importance of standing up for each other and what we believe in."
For booking and more information see the link below:


Jun 3, 2014

Circle of Truth - video

A short video about the workplace. And if Im not mistaken theres a cameo from yerman from 'The Fast Show'.