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Feb 28, 2011

News from Arklap

Hi everyone just to let you know Arklap is extending its canteen in order to facilitate our service-users in some cooking skills. Maybe the next Jamie Oliver in the making, who knows? It is also being run as a project involving our service-users who are getting a great buzz out of working on it they are really proud of the work that they have done. Hope to hold a coffee morning when we are up and running.

Be in touch,


Feb 25, 2011

Video of the Month - Voting in America

Here is an interesting little video about what it is like for people with disabilities to vote in America.

Feb 22, 2011

TV3 Appearance

Ireland AM played host to Dan the Man and Maura from Sunbeam. They were invited on to talk all about voting and the election in relation to the disability sector. And also about the voting video which Dan helped to make with Sunbeam Media.

As you can see from the first photo, Dan looked rather nervous before going on.....not!

Both Dan and Maura look very photogenic and came across very well on camera. It was a great experience to go into the studio and meet the presenters, all of whom were extremely friendly and receptive.

Feb 18, 2011

Voting Video to be Featured on TV3

Next Tuesday,22nd February, at 9am Dan Ryan, presenter of the video and Maura O'Loughlin, one of our quality Co-Ordinators will be live on air on Morning Ireland.

They will be there to discuss issues around voting and disability. Featured will be Sunbeam Medias 'Your Power, Your Vote' election video.

Feb 16, 2011

Video - Your Power, Your Vote

Please enjoy the latest offering from Sunbeam Media in association with the Sunbeam House service-users forum.

Dan Ryan talks us through why we should vote, how to register and how to vote.It was great fun making the video and we hope people find it informative and entertaining.

Feb 8, 2011

Political Candi-dates

A few famous and soon to be famous faces turned up in the Esplanade this morning for a bout of speed-canvassing. Service-users from Sunbeam House, Festina Lente, Bray Lakers and other local organisations grilled the political candidates on the issues close to their hearts.

The event was organised by Bray Area Partnership and was a resounding success. Each candidate had ten minutes to answer the questions posed by each table of people before moving on to the next table. Sort of a speed-dating meets political canvassing.

A novel idea, I'm sure you agree and a great way for our service-users to get a crash course in what each candidate stands for. Its not easy figuring out who to vote for.

Sunbeam Media is almost finished putting the final touches to a video on voting, how to register and why we should do it. As soon as it is ready we will post it here.


Remember, you can download brochures, magazines and more at Sunbeam.ie

Feb 4, 2011

The Beat of Their Own Drum

Pictured is members of the Garden Team during an overnight respite break.

They took part in a drumming workshop where they got the opportunity to bash the hell out of a variety of authentic, high-quality drums in all shapes and sizes. It looks like a load of fun.

Astellas Achievement

The Astellas Changing Tomorrow Awards took place recently. Sunbeam House was the only Disability Service to be short-listed for an award and the only company to be nominated twice!

Pictured is Lyn Kirby and her team from Hall Lodge who won in their category. Also pictured is Jerry Buckley and his team from Connect Employment who came second in theirs.

Congratulations are due to all involved for showing that Sunbeam is a leader in our field and striving to provide the highest quality services.


Lyn Kirby, Unit Manager of Hall Lodge, shared this great photo of Glendalough that she took. What a beautiful place Wicklow is.

'The sad goodbye' by Stevie Browne

Stevie has a way with words. Here is a poem he wrote upon hearing of the news that a long time member of staff and his boss, Kevin, will be leaving us for pastures anew. Kevin has worked hard in Sunbeam for just shy of 30 years and will be sorely missed by staff and service-users.

The Sad Goodbye - Stevie Browne

kevin stedman is calling time

He has definitely made up his mind

It is a sad good bye we all better not cry

He has seen it all but he stood tall

He was always willing to listen

He was firm but tough

you knew you wouldn't get the buff

There were sad bad fun glum times

he is a man united fan he is part of a big clan

we had a few moves he took them with his grooves

when we started he looked like cliff Torburn

Beauty and the Beast Panto - A Review

Louisa, a keen play-goer describes her recent trip to see a play in Dublin...

Beauty and the Beast Show

My Name is Louisa and I went to see a Show in the Panto Tivoli Theatre in Dublin 8 It was off St. Thomas Street, with Sugarloaf Gang from Bray with Nicola Murphy and Karolina, We went to see Beauty and the Beast Show on Saturday 8th of January 2011.

Karolina said she really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast Panto Show, It was very modern and funny performance, The actors were beautiful and colorful costumes, They sang top songs like Lady Gaga’s songs, Etc. It was great interaction between the audience and people on the Stage, We danced and sang along with them, I can truly recommend this show, We took our pictures with the actors afterwards.

From Louisa

January 2011

Feb 1, 2011

Employee of the Month

Pictured is Danny from Sunbeam who won the title of 'Employee of The Month'. Danny works in the Martello Bar, Bray.

The photo was taken by the Bray People for which it appeared.

Danny received the award from his supervisor, Fran and the Martello owner, John.