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Mar 30, 2011

Video:- Sunbeam In 60 Seconds - Job-Coach

The first video in a series called Sunbeam in 60 Seconds.

It is a quick snapshot of various aspects of Sunbeam House Services. This one focuses on supported employment and our job-coaches.
Theresa did a great job on the day as did Paul K. Thanks for your help.

Stay tuned for more 'Sunbeam In 60 Seconds'.

Mar 29, 2011

Alpine Adventure

www.directski.com kindly sponsored Sunbeam House Service's Alpine adventure in Austria, recently.

Dave and Chris were accompanied by 2 staff members and after a few hours of ski school were soon bombing down the pistes at high speed.

According to Dave - "there is nothing like skiing on real snow and I can't wait to come back to Austria again in the future".

Again, many thanks to Directski.com for making this happen. This trip has been one of Chris' goals for the past 8 years at least and he was over the moon to finally reach the snow-capped Alps.

Stay tuned to this blog for the video of their adventure, coming soon.

Mar 22, 2011

Mad Scientist

Well, well, well....it appears a photo has surfaced of one of our best job-coaches in a previous life.
Guess who......Classic.

Portugese Visit

Members of the Portugese embassy visited Sunbeam recently to give a talk on Portugal and how we are connected with each other.

The Portugese visitors were lovely, warm and eloquent( spoke well). Also, present were members of the Bray Lions Club and Bray Town Council.

Sunbeam took part in the windows of the world project whereby various groups decorate local windows around the towns shops with stuff from other countries. Sunbeam picked Portugal as their country.

Thanks to David from Bray Lions Club for the photos.

Paddys Day Art

I was sent these lovely pictures from Georgina from Bray. Excellent artwork inspired by St. Patrick's Day. It must have taken a long time and a lot of patience to finish these off.

Check out some other art from Georgina on her blog www.georginaalexander.blogspot.com/

Mar 14, 2011

DisabilityBray.ie Art Competition

DisabilityBray.ie would like to thank all that submitted art work to the art competition. The standard of work was very high.

In the end, the judges were unanimous in their decision to select as winner a collaborative piece by David McCluskey assisted by Ruth Corbett of the Courtyard, Sunbeam House Servics.

All the artwork will be displayed shortly on www.disabilitybray.ie

Mar 11, 2011

International Women's Day 2011

The 8th of March was International Women's Day. It is 100 years old this year.

We celebrated the event as women by joining the festival outside the steps of the Holy Redeemer Church on Main St. Bray. We all had multi-coloured balloons and simultaneously released them up into the blue sky;cheering as they bobbled along the puffy Spring clouds, across the rooftops of Bray town.

It felt good to be a woman today and enjoy the celebration of women's achievements and equality. Happy Women's Day to all you women out there. Here's to all the women across the world. May equality come to all parts of the world.


Mar 7, 2011

All Made-Up

Service-users from Eolas, the Training Centre and Turas in Bray were dined and pampered courtesy of the LA Make Up Academy on Chatham Street in Dublin city centre in exchange for being models for make up students…tough work but someone’s gotta do it!!

Mar 4, 2011

TV3 - Dan and Maura

Here is the Live television appearance of Dan and Maura representing Sunbeam.
They both look fantastic and answer the tough questions very well.