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May 23, 2012

Horsing Around

As a result of our personal Outcomes a group of us started horse riding lessons at Seaview Equestrian Centre near Brittas Bay. Jennie brings us every Wednesday and we meet with the other instructors. We change into our boots and get our hats and back protectors on. We all mount our horses and walk into the arena. It’s important to listen and follow the instructions. It’s nice to have the same horse each week so we can get to know their habits and little ways. We play games to help with our balance. We learned how to groom and plait and know what food and treats they like to eat.

Rebecha “my pony’s name is angel she loves her polo mints at the end of the lesson”.

Janet “I ride Barbie- she’s very good, happy, and farts a lot.’’ 
I think she gets excited.

Aaron “I ride Molly, she’s a good listener, calm and loves me singing to her.’’

Natalie “I ride    Drifter, he’s an old pony, he’s cute and gentle. I like walking him back to his stable”.

It will be sad when we finish but it was great to have a new experience. Fingers crossed we will do some more lessons.         

                                  Rebecha , Aaron, Natalie & Janet.       

Happy People at the Happy Pear

The Garden Team are going to hook up with the (truly awesome) guys from the Happy Pear restaurant in Greystones and have a book stall every 2nd week. They will have all sorts of great books to buy at very cheap prices.

A big thank you to the Happy Pear...and their food is great.

May 17, 2012

Louisa and Helen talk about FETAC

A short film detailing the great FETAC courses on offer in Sunbeam.

May 15, 2012

Difference Days Keep up the Good Work

It appears our friends over at Difference Days have been busy building more great spaces with the help of Aer Lingus for St. Michaels House.

A few months ago Difference Days brought Hostelworld to Sunbeam to build a gym, an outdoor basketball court and a huge outdoor decking area. Glad to see they are still keeping up the good work!

Here is their Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/differencedays

Here is their website - www.differencedays.ie

May 14, 2012

The County Wicklow Fleadh

The county Wicklow Fleadh 2012 is coming up in a few days. Taking place between May 19-27. There's lots of great and fun events on. Sure beats sitting in! All proceeds go to Bray Cancer Support. For further Information:
Email: wilcklowfleadh2012@gmail.com

The Garden Team are organising a table quiz, which will be held in the Martello on the 31st of may. All money raised to help fund 2 new defibrillators for SHS. 
Come along and have some fun. All welcome.

May 8, 2012

Movie Club Update

The Avengers

Mirror Mirror


Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists – 11th April 2012

Michelle – It was a bit silly. Thought the Monkey was very funny.
Colm – I thought it was crap! I was bored.
Maureen – Really liked the style and it was very good.
David – It was very funny, too long though.
Tim – Wasn’t as good as other Aardman Studio films like “Wallace & Gromit” but still a fun silly film, kinda Monty-Python like at times.

Mirror Mirror – 25th April 2012

Michelle – Really liked it, a very pretty and funny film, really romantic too.
Colm – Funny, liked the dwarves.
Maureen – So romantic. The prince was gorgeous.
David – Good, liked Julia Roberts.
Patrick – Very romantic, although she should have died at the end! Want a wedding like the one at the end myself!
Tim – It was quirky and very pretty but I’m a bit disappointed. The director Tarsem is famous for over the top fantasies and he was weirdly tame here.

The Avengers – 2nd May 2012

Michelle – A lot of action, kind of confusing at times. Liked the Hulk a lot.
Colm – The Hulk was great! Also though it was very funny.
David – Hulk Smash!
Patrick – Didn’t like the violence and was very disappointed at the lack of romance.
Tim – I’ve seen it twice already, you do need to know all the other Marvel films to get the plot but its so much fun!
Siobhan – Brilliant, very OTT but enjoyable, even if you don’t know all the characters or comics.